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Polly's Pals is a retail outlet for brass stencils; perfect for creative card making. The catalog that we have added to this Web site includes the most frequently ordered stencils.

Creating custom cards with elegant embossing allows you the freedom to greet, to cheer, to commisserate exactly as you mean to, not just 'mostly' the way you mean to. It shows personal interest and can warm the hearts of the receivers that much more. Here you'll find all the tools you need for creating custom greeting cards, from brass stencils for embossing to specialized stationary and decorative paper, from pastels to glitter and gold trim. We're here to help you do what we do - create a lasting impression.

Some Featured Products:

Metal Art, Ice Skates

Ice Skates

Price: $7.50

SKU: LL3016

Metal Art, Cranes


Price: $7.50

SKU: LL301

Metal Art, Serendipity Flower

Serendipity Flower

Price: $10.00

SKU: LG709

Metal Art, Butterfly Duo

Butterfly Duo

Price: $11.00

SKU: LJ887

Metal Art, 48 Pastels

48 Pastels

Price: $19.99


Metal Art, Umbrella


Price: $10.00

SKU: LG737

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